December 16, 2011

Video — 10:27pm

The point of departure for this video was confrontation with photographic documentation of the carnage unleashed by the US-UK invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003. Children killed or in hospital with limbs blown off, American pilots inscribing bombs, buildings and villages utterly destroyed. Approximately 250 such photographs appear in looped succession, but masked, because these gruesome and disturbing images are somehow “unseeable” by the culture largely responsible for creating them. The text that appears is didactic; there are things people actually cannot see (“love”), refuse to see (“The Geneva Conventions”), or can no longer see (animals made extinct by human activity). The music was created earlier as the opening for a piece of experimental Polish theater (‘Uronjenia’ by Pawel Jurek, produced by Teatr Modrzejewskiej in 2005), but operating in the video as something more than soundtrack. Relationships between and among text, music, video, and even typography prompt cross-perceptual impressions.
Things You Cannot See.



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